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Unity Assets


The perfect solution for drawing games. If you’re creating a drawing physics game, then this is also the solution for you. Finally, if you need a nice quick slash for your fruit slashing game, then this asset will do the trick. Easy draw allows you to easily draw on the screen with mouse of touch, and add collision to the lines if needed. 

Unity force Metter – Pull release add force

Similar to a 3d Slingshot or Golf Clash. This Unity 3D script makes it easy to create your own similar game. Add force using a pull release system. Easy to use and easier to customize.

A simple and easy to use Leaderboard with Facebook Integration.

  • NO Facebook Permissions Required
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to customize
  • Rounded Profile Picture
  • Keeps track of Player Highest Score
  • Global Leaderboard


This is the perfect video/asset is you want to learn the following:

  • How to setup a leaderboard in unity
  • How to create a Facebook App
  • Unity and Facebook Integration
  • Unity and Playfab Integration
  • Setting up a leaderboard in Playfab
  • Profile picture with leaderboard
  • Saving Data to External Server Playfab
  • Creating a scoreboard with Unity and Facebook with playfab BAAS
A secure 24 hour timer is very important for your Unity3d Project. It is a fact that players enjoy coming back to a game simply for the daily rewards, but without a proper time system in place, you game can be easily hacked. If your daily or hourly reward system is checking the platform time, then all the player has to do is change the time of their computer or phone and “Tada!”. With a internet base time and date, you can create a daily events and rewards that is independent of the device time.
This assets will aid you in building any unity game that require you to throw an object.

Features Includes:
Swipe/Flick to throw object
Drag and move object
Customize reset timer
Curve ball enable
Specify a target for when object hits target Customizable ball physics
Compatible for Mobile and Windows/Mac

Make 4 Complete Unity Games from Scratch