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Services includes the following

Change the color of anything in your photos

Using Adobe Photoshop CC, I am able to edit photos at a professional level. This includes added and removing objects or people, changing color around, and much more. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Let’s add something that was missing from the photo

Need something or someone added to a photo? Sure, welcome to the future if you taught was impossible. The tool of my choice is Adobe Photoshop CC. Contact me for more information.

Photo element removal such as dirt, food, acne and more

Some picture cannot be retaken, but what do you do when the moment is ruined by the unwanted remains of grandma’s homemade brownies on your face. Well, not all hope is lost. I, Leaton Mitchell have the power to remove such elements from your photos and save the day.

Icons and logo creations for your T-Shirt, company brand, or film

I create icons, and logos with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Icon Maker. I use PNG format to ensure all my designs are transparent for all background colors. Place my designs on T-shirts, phone cases, or stickers.

Photo combination. Want to merge two photos together?

So, you took a photo of your daughter and the moment is priceless. However, your son was making funny faces and ruined the shot. So you took another photo, but this time, your daughter blinked at the wrong moment while your son (if he is anything like my son) actually stood still for the first time ever. If only there was a way to combine both photos! Well, with my trusty sidekick Photoshop, I can do just that. Depending on the photo distance and positioning, It is very possible to merge these image together and create one.