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Game Objective

Bomb Frenzy

A challenging yet satisfying game that takes you on a journey to reach the highest score you possibly game. Who doesn’t like blowing stuff up. Throw bombs, blow up stuff, gain point, and repeat. Eventually you will run out of bombs and end your rain of awesomeness, but then you can show the world just how great you are by adding your score to the Facebook leaderboard.



This application using Facebook as a source for leaderboard. Users, are required to login with their Facebook information.

  • This Application does NOT store your Facebook password.
  • This Application only uses your Facebook ID to create a account for you on our servers. The account is used to identify your score in the leaderboard, linked back to your Facebook account in order to put your current profile picture with your score.
  • This Application using Facebook share features which require a user to login to Facebook.
  • This Application using Facebook Invite features which require a user to login to Facebook.
  • All information store by this application will NOT be share or used outside this application.
  • This application was build for entertainment only – we are not responsible for any misuse of this application.
  • We are not responsible for any harm to your device.

This application is currently in development stage. Please contact to become a Tester