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My name is Leaton Mitchell,

I am an independent web & mobile application developer located in North Carolina. I work primarily with WordPress as a backend for website, while using Xcode, Android Studio, and Unity3D for mobile applications. Aside from development, I enjoy creating logos, and posters with Photoshop, and creating video effects with After Effects.

I strongly believe that we will never stop learning as long as we are living. In my free time I like to look for new ways to educate myself and learn something new.

My passion is to bring ideas to life.

“I love to code”.

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What I Do Best!

Clean & Professional Design
I pride myself in creating professional UI. I believe that the user experience most come first.
Responsive Websites
All my web sites are responsive. A site should tell the same story regardless of the device you are on.
Critical Thinking
I believe my success in coding is base on my passion for coding and my ability to think critically. I believe the best way to resolve a problem is to find the root cause, NOT a quick fix.
Mobile Game with Unity3D
I enjoy working inside of Unity3D to bring new game ideas to life. Unity is a powerful game engine that uses c# to create powerful 3D and 2D games.
iOS Apps with Xcode
The Swift iOS language is so much fun. I enjoy coming up with interesting apps for the iOS market.
Creating Logos and Brands
If your starting a new business, you will need a logo for your company that stands out and represents what you are all about. I put passion in my logo designs to bring forth the a style that is unique.

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